Mosaic: A Compilation of Creative Writing


Mosaic: A Compilation of Creative Writing by The Cartel Collaborative

This is a collection of short fiction, poetry, and novel excerpts by a group of writers dispersed yet united by the love for the written word. We believed there is power in supporting each other’s work through meaningful and transparent collaboration, and this book is proof of that possibility.



Mosaic is a collection of short stories and poetry ranging from serious to light-hearted. Follow Leonardo as he learns what his inventions have inspired. Wyatt finds hope in a time of darkness. One man learns that even in death his loved ones aren’t really gone. Josephine learns about a mother she hardly knew. Jane attempts to heal from the loss of her father during 9-11. Griffin learns about life on his journey to become a leader. Tracy learns something about the past that leads her to the future. Daniel’s magic pencil makes his drawings come to life. A child is haunted by the thoughts in his head. Zac finds exactly what he needs during an afternoon at a theme park. Sprinkled throughout is a collection of poetry sure to stir up emotions.

Inspired by The Story Cartel class, each author brings their own unique style, offering something for everyone.


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